Sunday, February 23, 2014

Maybe Someday My Sunfish Will Grow Up

Do I love fly fishing for Sunfish, Bluegill, Crappie? Of course, I do! That is why I am known as the Pond Stalker.  I mean what a wonderful relaxing way to spend a few hours on the pond catching fish after fish on a good day.  I love it because just as my blog header says, I like to keep it simple because it works!

Now some of my Sunfish are like this one.

Obviously, many of my Sunfish are much smaller.  They border on the "runt" size, to tell the truth.  But, I love them just the same.

Now along comes an angler fishing on Lake Havasu in Arizona that puts into perspective what a really gargantuan size Sunfish is..
Angler Hector Brito pulled a 5.78-pound 17-inch redear sunfish from the waters of Arizona’s Lake Havasu. His catch may have set a new International Game Fish Association world record, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. 

Congratulations to Hector Brito!  Maybe someday my Sunfish will grow up....................................
Can anyone imagine what it would be like to hook this big Sunfish on a light weight fly rod?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Morning Coffee...... Internet Up & Running....... What A Way To Start Your Day!

I love my morning coffee, the Internet up & running, Oh, what a way to start my day.

Absolutely, knew I had to share this on my blog!
God bless my two Grandsons who have Autism!
This is for anyone that believes that Autistic children should not be excluded!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Internet Implosion! Oh, And I Tie Pretty Flies...............

I would bet that some of you readers and lookers thought I would never get that last post off my BlogYou tired of looking at Peyton Manning yet?  No, it did not take me two weeks to get over my Super Bowl hangover and disappointment.  What a pathetic performance.  'Nuff said!

What I do want to vent on here, just briefly, is how important good reliable internet service is for all of us that rely on our Blogs and Facebook and Pinterest  etc. for our form of communication with others about what we love to do in our spare time.  To get to the point, you pay your bill, you expect to receive the service necessary.  Granted, your computer could become a virus heaven and could crash on you.  We all live with that little thought somewhere in the backs of our minds.  What I am frustrated with is what I call Internet Implosion.  Computer works fine, no problem.  However, your local provider takes a crap............................. Just gone in about a days time.  No warning!  Wait I payed for the service.  Woe is me! I now have to find another reliable resource to use that will insure me this will not happen too me again.  Find the Provider.  Next up, scheduling the hook up.  Unbelievably, this has taken about two weeks to complete.  Hurray, I am back blogging, but, what a pain in the arse!

Now, to that pretty flies part.  Having basically no computer for anything worthwhile for two weeks gave me some extra time at the tying bench. I will share here a little of my work.  I enjoy tying simple fly patterns that don't take lots of time to tie or use material that is cost prohibitive.  That way if I leave one in the bushes like Howard over at Windknots & Tangled lines it is no problem to look in the fly box and dig out another or tie some more up quickly next time I sit at the vise.   They may be buggy looking.  That is actually what I strive for.  Pretty, they are not!  However, when my wife drops by my bench and looks at what I am tying she usually responds in this manner.  "Oh, you tie pretty flies!"  I love her support, but, I won't tell here they are not pretty....

Let's start with a bright orange leech pattern tied for Bluegill, Crappie etc.
I call it the Orange Crush Leech.
How about a Partridge & Yellow Soft Hackle.
Bluegill, Trout, classic pattern.
This is a fly I call the 'Gill Getter.
Simple, easy to tie, and catches lots of Bluegills, Crappie, and a Trout or two!
Picture not really clear here, my apologies.
This is another of my favorite Soft Hackle patterns.
Partridge and Orange!
This is another Leech or Bugger type fly.
I call it a Beadhead Flesh Hair Bugger.
 Ok, enough for this post.  I am staying busy tying flies to fill my warm water fly boxes.  I am working on some Nymph and Streamer patterns that I really like.  Will share them in the near future with you all.
Is Spring coming?


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Omaha, Omaha.............Hurry, Hurry.............

Not so much for words today from the Pond Stalker........

If it is God's Will, The Bronco's Will Win.................
Still a Mile High after all these years................
Thank You, Denver Bronco's For A Season I will Never Forget......................................