Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Confidence On The "Fly"


Many of those of us who tie flies seem to be always tinkering at the vise.  Working on coming up with that "Hot" new pattern that all the fish will just go nuts on this year out on the water.  Be honest now, if you have tied much or for sometime anyway, invariably, this has run through your mind.  Or, perhaps you just want to modify a certain established pattern a little bit.  That will make it a new fly right and all your fly fishing friends will credit you with be the creator of a great new pattern.  Especially, if it catches fish, and, you give them a handful to try!  Well, ya' know, you know the story from here.  There truly is probably not a snowball's chance in Hell that somebody, somewhere hasn't already thought of that or tied that pattern up during a session at the ol' vise.

How many fly patterns does an angler need to carry with him or her for a day of fishing? Well, that is a topic for another post sometime, somewhere else.  The point I would like to make here is that it really is a matter of confidence when you tie and fish a fly that works for you.  Both, at the vise, and, on the water, if you have confidence in that fly you will concentrate more when tying them and fishing them.  Why? Because you know they work and you have been rewarded with many a memory of a day{s} on the water when you caught fish after fish on that fly.  Call it what ever you want, but you know, that "Fly" is going to produce more times than not.  You have confidence on the water and confidence on that "Fly" It has become one of your favorite flies that you know you can always lean on when the weather, or the fish, or both are playing hardball with you!  Now, that is a lot said in order for me to introduce you to one of those "Flies" for me.

The Stayner Ducktail was made popular by Ruel Stayner of Twin Falls, Idaho, back many years ago.  Ruel, designed this fly to imitate Perch in the local stillwaters in Idaho.  Little did he know at the time what he really had on his hands with the creation of this pattern.  This pattern went on to become extremely popular in the stillwater fly fishing circles.  I was a member of the "Float Tube Navy" out of Boise, Idaho area.  The Float Tube Navy spent their time learning the concepts of stillwater fly fishing from a float tube and fishing many of the great lakes of the Rocky Mountains. The Stayner Ducktail became the go to fly for many of us back in the day.  It was fished with a sinking line of some sort and fished very well for Trout, Bluegill, Crappie, Bass etc. etc.  It became legendary! Now, I will add to this, that it not only became a legendary, local pattern, but a pattern whose success goes far beyond that.  The Stayner Ducktail has been fished on the rivers in Russia, on the big ponds of New Zealand and Australia, and, for the the giant Rainbows that reside in the lakes of Argentina.  Sadly, not by me, but I have seen many photos of big fish from these waters from friends who made trips to these magnificent waters.  Please bare with me as I recall a story once told to me by my fly fishing mentor, the late Ken Magee of Boise, Idaho.  Ken and several friends from the Boise area had made the trip to Russia and paid for guides to fish some of the great rivers.  He said that they had a really difficult time understanding what the Russian guides were saying, and, particularly what patterns they should use.  None of them had any of what they needed!  So, the group decided they will just fish with Stayner Ducktails.  A Rainbow Trout is a Rainbow Trout, right?  Long story short, Ken and the group had a terrific trip fishing Stayner Ducktails for big, Russian trout!  

There are more stories I could tell, but, let's refocus on the tying of the Stayner Ducktail.  Now, I might be able to tie Stayner Ducktails with anybody, but, I don't shoot video.  Being the subject just gets me all discombogulated!  So, I have done a You Tube search and found a very good fly tying video for you to watch and learn how tie the Stayner Ducktail.  Hope you enjoy watching and tying this great pattern.  Beware warm water fly fishers of the guy fishing the Stayner Ducktail!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Billy Overcame His Size..............................

Words To Music...................
That Is All That Is Needed...............
Memorial Day Honor.......................

Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Bluegill Blitz Wrap-Up. The Winner Is............................................

Ok, I have been focusing on the fun of the 2014 Bluegill Blitz and haven't posted for a week or so. 
Now that the Blitz has come and gone,  yesterday was show and tell day on this years Blitz, thought I should post a re-cap for all my readers and followers who were interested.

As I understand it, there were over (30) participants from across the United States, who spent a couple of weeks of the month of May plying their local waters for a Bluegill with a fly rod.  Simply, the largest fish, length wise would be declared "Master Bluegill Fly Angler" for 2014.  All for fun and giggles mostly, but hey, it was the first year of the Blitz.  So, perhaps, bigger and better things to come.

Anyway, Brandon Bailes, has been announced as this years winner of the 2014 Bluegill Blitz.  Just want to say congratulations to Brandon for his Bluegill.  Here is a picture of Brandon catching something other than a Bluegill.
Now, to show everyone that Brandon is a versatile angler, here is winning photo of his fine Bluegill.

I am a brave soul so I won't keep you wandering any longer about the fish I entered.
Trust me, their is a Bluegill somewhere in that picture.  I dropped it in the grass and was so small anyway that it could not be seen with the camera.  Woe is me.............................................................

I think my buddy, Greg McBill, caught it a bit later on.  The benefits of Catch and Release!
Oh, and for those that read my blog regularly and know of Bill Trussell's effort to catch some big Bluegill on his annual quest, well, Bill was a participant in the Blitz and did well for himself.

Here are Bill's fish entry's for the 2014 Bluegill Blitz.
Darn it, Bill, that won't work in a Bluegill Blitz.  That thing eats Bluegills, anyway!

Ok, Bill, can catch a Bluegill and does on a regular basis.  Wish he would share but I would have to travel to Alabama to catch Bluegill like this one.  Great Bluegill, Bill, although it wasn't the longest, it was one I will surely remember.
That is almost (10") of a brute Bluegill.  So, Bill knows Bluegill.........................................

I am already looking forward to the 2015 Bluegill Blitz.  Have fun Bluegill anglers.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rocks In My Pockets

Let me take the time here to tell you about my take on "Rocks In My Pockets".  Some folks who are dealing with Depression often talk about it as a way of unloading their worries by discarding the rocks in their pocket so to speak.  Others use it for various ways of symbolizing something weighting on their mind.  Others will...............................................
Let me tell you about my Grandpa.  He used to tell me, "Son, slow down a bit and enjoy each day, you got plenty of time! Go now and put some rocks in your pockets.  That will help you stay grounded.  Especially, on a windy day!"

This past week has Tornado's ripped through the South, my Grandpa's voice could be heard.  "Son, make sure you got some rocks in your pockets if your going out on a windy day."  This last few days have been full of thoughts and prayers for my friends from the South.   Hope that all of you managed as well as you possibly could and know that Prayers are coming your way.

This last week also had several days of very high winds here on the Front Range in Colorado.  Just being outdoors was a struggle at times, let alone, any ideas of going fishing.  I would have needed a bunch of rocks in my pockets on those days! I was content to spend my time indoors and knocking out a few more flies for my fly box, doing some blog work, and surfing the net.  Now, before I get away from rocks in my pockets, let me say that I often use rocks in my pocket to symbolize a hodgepodge of things I have going on in my mind or things I have decided to give some thought, too.  So here, I will toss out a few Rocks In My Pockets:

**Came across a new site too me Mountain Brook Fly Rods.  Now they offer an interesting line of fly rods, reels, rod cases, etc.  This custom rod case really caught my eye.  Now, is this not beautiful.
Now, I have seen one from these folks with a Bluegill sketching on the Faux Bamboo Rod Case.....

**I have been eyeballing glass rods of late that are affordable to someone on a (Senior Citizens Budget).  Everything from Eagle Claw Featherlight, to Cabela's CGR Series, to Echo's new glass rods that just hit the market.  However, this new series from Green Caddis Outfitters has my attention.  This is the Green Caddis Outfitters "Ruby River Glass Rod".
While I am aware that this is not an american made custom glass rod, it appears to be a beautiful rod.  It comes in two different lightweight sizes great for my style of fishing and comes with a rod case.  (4) piece rod sells for $119.00.  So it fits in the right price range for me.  I will wait to see what the early reports are before I invest.

**Ok, here is the last Rock In My Pocket for today.  Now, I have been somewhat slow to adjust to the crazy weather pattern and get out there and fish, but, I can share with you some fishing "tidbits".  I am going........................ Here is a couple of reasons why I get excited about stalking the ponds in my area.  How about a 19" Crappie? Wouldn't that make you a bit giddy?  Not a rumor!  Then there was this guy (meaning the fish) that charged out of the water just yesterday and nailed a small trout being reeled in from shore on one of my local ponds.  Fish also has been verified, no rumor!  My Grandson was fishing with his buddy, Marcos.  Marcos did it up well!
This is a 35" Pike
Looks like I had better be tying up some big ol' nasty Streamers.
This fish was released to swim again!!