Saturday, March 22, 2014

Some Blog Posts Are Self Serving......

Ok, 99.5% of my blog posts are written with an attempt to share some information, knowledge, fun, or, just plain goodness with all my blogging friends (AKA: BlogBuddies).  My hope is that someone will read them and benefit from whatever tidbit they want to take with them.  The post becomes a part of my written memory bank for me to reflect back on.  In that sense, the blog is self serving for me.  However, this particular post is 100% self serving as a reminder too me before I go fishing again.
That is a new Colorado 2014 fishing license for me.  In Colorado, I have to get used to the wrinkle in the fishing season.  While living in Eastern Idaho for (35) years, fishing season ran from January 1st - December 31st of each year.  Licenses were required for all adult residents as long as they monitored and followed the Idaho Fish and Game Regulations.  That being said, once I retired to Northern Colorado, I have had to change my thought process.  In Colorado, fishing season begins on April 1st of the current year and runs through March 31st of the following year.  So with very few days left in March and winter still hanging on, I doubt if I get out before the new season kicks in.  Therefore, this post, will be front and center for me to remember to purchase my license in the next few days before I head out to chase me some Bluegill, Crappie, or Bass.  To all of my fellow Colorado anglers, don't forget to ante up for your new license real soon!

With that out of the way, I would like to share with my readers that more than any other year, this year seems like Winter and adverse weather has had a real grip on my fellow Bloggers around the country.  Everyone appears to be chomping at the bit to get some warm weather and break out the casting arm and have some fun.  There are some that have toughed it out and had a good time with some fun catching.  Like, Bill over at Fishing Through Life.  Great Dry Fly fishing already!  Or, Kevin at The Feather Chucker.  He is on ready, set, go with some new Bombers for Bass!  Then there is Alan at Small Stream Reflections.  He has been getting out in the winter weather more than us and is a great read.  Here he shares some Jack Gartside fly patterns that are Pond Stalker Approved.

I just could not finish this post without directing you over to a great  post I read yesterday from Quill over at Fish In The Barrel Pond.  Oh, boy can I relate to this post!  No, I have not forgotten  Mike's last post over at Mike's Gone Fishin.  Read it for yourself.  Which half of the bottle do you prefer?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Big Thank You And Something New For The Blog

Just wanted to give all of you who took the time to read my last blog post a bunch of thank you's, and, then followed up with your great comments and insights to my dilemma with what to do with my Blogroll.  Each and every one of them were much appreciated.  That is why you guys and gals are my BlogBuddies.  It is a good sense of community in blogging when a Blogger can reach out and ask for some help and the support comes pouring in!  That particular post is by far the most read post and most commented post since I began my blogging career a number of years ago.  Still get steady reads everyday so that makes me smile and appreciate all who helped even more.

I am also going to try something new on my blog.  I have been tying flies for about (35) years now. I have taught many fly tying classes and have appeared as a guest tyer at past FFF conclaves and Regional Expos.  

Now, I am not trying to offend anyone or toot my own horn.  I am simply attempting to imply that I have had many trials and tribulations at the vise and lots of experience with various tying materials.  That being said, I will assure you that my concept in fly tying is different than a lot of folks.  I don't tie Dry Flies for Trout, but, Foam Spiders and the like for Bluegill and an occasional Largemouth Bass.  I do tie Nymphs and Streamers and Leeches for Warm Water species and also for Trout.  I don't tie "cute" flies, although, my wife disagrees with me.  What I do tie, primarily, are buggy, effective, easy to tie patterns that don't take much time or talent.  They do catch fish!  If I lose one that is no big deal.  I just grab another and get after those fishies!  I don't buy expensive hackle for Dry Flies, and really, not even for the popular Wooly Bugger type flies much anymore.  The price of good hackle just scares me when I look at it now.  I am a senior citizen living on a fixed budget, so maintaining my costs are critical.  Anyway, all of this blabbering to let you know that I have decided to post some of my current work at the vise on my blog.  You will note at the top of the left hand sidebar a picture of a current fly under the title of "FROM MY VISE".

This will be where I will select a certain pattern and have as good a picture as I could get of the pattern when completed.  If you happen to see one that you like leave a comment for me over on my "From My Vise" page.    You can go to the link for the page just under the blog header and see which patterns I have posted there.  If anyone needs further information or is interested in tying instructions let me know and I will see what I can do for you.  I am not a person who shoots video,  but, I can send along a materials list and tying instructions if that would be handy for you.

Thanks for letting me share some fly tying with you all!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blogroll Dilemma? An Open Discussion

Sometimes a post comes along, unexpectedly, in strange ways.  Never been one to have a string of blog posts on file for me to turn too when I wanted to update my blog.  So today's post wasn't a planned and thought out activity.  

I have spent all day it seems watching it snow outside and reading from the Blogosphere and wondering if I ever am going to get to fish again.  I know, woe is me.............

Actually, what I did is spend the day pondering the use of Blogrolls on our blogs.  The plus's and the minus's of having a Blogroll and how to maintain or manage effectively a Blogroll.  Today, I looked at as many Blogrolls as my ol' eyes could take.  I looked at various styles, content, size, and management of said Blogrolls.

Being a long time Blogger, I decided after all that research, to just reach out to my readers or as I affectionately call them, my BlogBuddies.  I would like to have an ongoing discussion, forum like I guess, as to how you feel about Blogrolls?

Let me give you some of the things I am pondering and we can go from there.

Is a Blogroll necessary?
Plus's or Minus's
Who goes on your Blogroll?
Do you bother to maintain your Blogroll?
How big do you want your Blogroll?
What do you expect from your Blogroll?
Do you expect a return link from the other Blogroll?

Ok, fellow Bloggers let's make this a worthwhile post.  I need your help.............................