Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Update On Howard

UPDATED:  Tuesday, Mid-Day 12/31/13  2:35 P.M.
From his wife, Pam: Some help needed!
Howard got moved out of ICU today but continues to have some concerning cognitive problems. If you or anyone attending the convention can be in touch with me that may be able to visit with him, it would be much appreciated. I had my laptop at the hospital today thinking he would be able to check Facebook and other sites, and he could not remember passwords and had a difficult time using the keyboard. I have to work this week and if anyone has time to stop in, or call to say hi, that would be great. At this point, his physical health appears on track, but they are not wanting to send him home with cognitive issues. He is currently in room 327 at the Boulder Community Hospital. He does have a phone in his room and his number is 303-938-3327. If he doesn't recognize who you are, he may need a gentle reminder.


UPDATED: Monday Mid-Day 12/30/3013 12:51 P.M.
From his wife, Pam:
More good news on Howard! He is doing better and will be moved out of ICU tomorrow! His cognitive abilities have improved greatly and he is coming back! He should be coming home on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you to all who have sent positive thoughts and prayers on his behalf. It really does make a difference! Will let you know tomorrow what day he will be home.

"Pam & Howard"

UPDATED: Saturday Evening 12/28/2013 10:32 P.M.
From his wife, Pam:
Howard is doing much better today! They got him up walking, he recognized me, and told his brother to "get me out of here"! He is talking more, still a little confused but MUCH better! I look for him to get out of the ICU real soon which means he is days away from coming home! Tomorrow I'm going to bring him the latest fishing magazine that came in the mail and a fishing book that he was recently reading. Things are definitely looking up! So we can all take a deep breath and know that he'll be back on line soon and he will be telling some war stories!

Thanks, I'll check in with you tomorrow!

UPDATED: Friday Afternoon 12/27/2013 4:54 P.M.
From his brother, Stewart:
Visiting with brother Howard. He recognizes us but is still unable to verbalize. He's sitting up and maybe tomorrow they can get him walking. His cardiologist said his heart was only functioning at 15% when he drove himself in while having a heart attack. We're lucky to have him with us today.

UPDATED: Friday afternoon 12/27/2013 4:37 P.M.
I have been in communication with Stewart Levett, Howard's brother, a few times in the last 24 hours or so.  Stewart was happy to let us know that they were able to take the Breathing Tube out and Howard is currently breathing on his own.  Still struggling though because of lungs giving him a battle.  Howard is still showing agitation and they are keeping him pretty sedated at the time.
As Stewart says, "He is not quite back to reality yet.  Still talking about or too family members that have been deceased for at least (30) years or so."

I will update as I know more.  Stewart has provided me with the name of the hospital and the mailing address if anyone wants to send get well cards etc.  Please email me if that is what you might want to do and I will send along the information to you.

Just wanted to take a quick moment and give my BlogBuddies and other readers a heads up on how Howard is doing following his Emergency Heart Surgery on Christmas Eve day.

First a response last night via email through Cam at The Fiberglass Manifesto from Howard's wife, Pam.
I had so many cell calls yesterday and got mixed up on who's number belonged to who, so thought I would email you. Howard had a setback this morning. They wanted to take the breathing tube out and tried to unsedate him and he got very agitated. (The nurse called him a wild man!, we can use that one later!)They needed to sedate him again to keep him calm. So right now he is still on the ventilator and is still unconscious. He evidently is having problems breathing due to lung problems (too many years of smoking). So for now they are leaving him alone until tomorrow. He is stable and they changed him from morphine to Dilantin, as they didn't think the morphine was working. The drugs were still in his system from the cath procedure. They were able to get the balloon pump out with no problems. The hope is tomorrow they will be able to take the tube out and will have him sitting up. His chest looks good and he has color in his face. Hopefully after another restful night his body will be able to take over.

Please pass this on to the fellow bloggers and tell them thanks for all the calls and good wishes! Will keep in touch!

Hope your Christmas was blessed!


In addition, heard from Howard's brother, Stewart Levett, just a bit ago.  Here is the very latest that I know:
Stewart wrote: "Thursday Morning Update: Howard did open his eyes briefly this morning. Doctors are hopeful they'll get the tube out. Surgery went well and his heart is functioning fine as are his kidneys but his lungs they're having some difficulty with. They hope to have him awake and sitting up by the end of the day… here's hoping."

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Pond Stalkers Merry Christmas

My Granddaughter dug this ol' picture out of the archives and wanted me to show everybody what the Pond Stalker does for Christmas fun.  Since it's Christmas Eve and I am feeling in a loving mood, I obliged her.

Hope that all my readers and fellow BlogBuddies have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S. I ask that we all say a Prayer for my Geezer Brother, Howard over at Windknots and Tangled Lines.  Howard underwent emergency Heart surgery in a Boulder, Colorado hospital this morning. 
Lots of major work required.  He is currently out of surgery and under care in the ICU at the hospital.  Please keep him in your thoughts on this Holiday season!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Use and Abuse Coming Up!!

In a recent post, I acknowledged that I had been one of the lucky numbers drawn by Rebecca Garlock over on the OBN for a new pair of Chippewa boots.  As Rebecca said in her post on the contest, "The winners selected will receive this new pair of boots from Chippewa to use and abuse over the next several months in the outdoors.  Theirs to keep, in exchange for a review to be posted on the OBN."  

Actually, the Review will be written on my blog here and linked too from the OBN when I have completed it for all my fellow BlogBuddies to read.  Just wanted to let everyone know that the boots arrived today in the mail and I have officially began the Use and Abuse period.

First day impression: Looks like a very solid boot.  Happy they shipped in 1/2 sizes.  My 9 1/2's fit perfectly.  Felt quite comfortable even though they did "not" get any "Pond Stalkin" in today.  I guarantee that I will put them to use and put them through some abuse before I offer a final review on them.  Winter is here so I will be getting them wet and my feet cold.  So we will see....................

I suspect that the final review with more product detail will show up some time this summer 2014.  

Thanks again to  Rebecca at the OBN and the folks at Chippewa Boots for this opportunity to own, use and review this pair of boots.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fly Fishing Goodness From My BlogBuddies!

'Tis the season for sharing Love, Kindness, and Peace.  Wanted to do a quick BlogBuddies shout out and the Thumbs Up award for some things they are doing over on their blog sites for the Christmas season and Blogging goals.
First off, Mike over at Dub The Thorax, has been giving in the Spirit for the past few days and continues for a few more.  Mike is celebrating (3) years on the blogging scene and has gathered some nice fly fishing related items for giveaways.  Still have time left to get over and join the fun. Here is a picture of what is being given today.  Updated 12/7/13 Hey, one never has enough good looking t-shirts to wear in warmer times. Plus, a cool new hat from Eat My Fly Outfitters!

In addition, Cameron and The Fiberglass Manifesto, is back again with his great (12) days of Christmas giveaways.  Cameron, as usual, has gone to great work to bring together some great fly fishing related companies to share the the Christmas goodness with us all.  Don't miss out on all the fun.
This great Celebration begins on Monday, December 9th.  Be sure and check out then how you can become a winner in the (12) Days of Christmas.

I will be leaving this post up a bit on the blog so if I have any other BlogBuddies that I missed that are having similar Giveaways on their blogs be sure and give me a shout and I will edit this post so as to make it current.

Have fun!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time To Salute Some Friends Of The Pond Stalker

Things are a rush this time of year!  So much is happening with my BlogBuddies and other fly fishing resources that I thought I would take a moment today to give them a Salute from the Pond Stalker.  Let me first begin by addressing the fact that fellow BlogBuddies, fly fishing retailers, etc. seem to go out of their way to make the Christmas season a fun and exciting time.  

I want to take care of some happenings that have been going on with myself and the Pond Stalker blog to begin with.  I have been fortunate lately and I would like to say thanks a bunch to the folks at Rocky Mountain Anglers Fly Shop and also the good folks at & H Outfitters for their efforts in having drawings that I was lucky enough to win.  A great new fishing cap from Rocky Mountain Anglers and a classy new t-shirt from H & H Outfitters.  Here is a picture that I hope does justice to both.
My new favorite hat
(Note: The Hat Patch with the flies
is another gadget I will get too in just 
a bit)
My newest Fly Fishing related T-shirt
Love the color!
Also, recently had a nice surprise in the mail from the folks at Nature Boy Designs.  They had read my previous post on "Do I need a lanyard" here on the blog.  They had sent me the 
NBD 225 Lanyard to use.
In addition, they sent along the Hat(ch) Patch to wear on my hat and give them some feedback.
Now look back at the previous picture of my hat with some flies loaded and ready for use.  This is a neat new product and I think will be an item that anyone who uses a ball cap when fishing will appreciate.  Just clips on and holds flies securely.  Want to change hats.  Just pull off the Hat(ch) Patch and put on another hat.  Simple, and, very useful.

It is also about time that Rebecca Garlock over at the OBN received the Thumbs up Award from the Pond Stalker.  If you are an outdoor blogger at all, I am sure that you have heard of or otherwise participate in activity over on that great site.  If not, go right now! Join, participate, share, it's Blogging Heaven!  Recently, the OBN and Chippewa Boots linked up to provide an opportunity for lucky outdoor bloggers to have a chance to be chosen to receive a pair of Chippewa boots to use and then review on their blog.  Actually, (5) outdoor bloggers got that opportunity.
I am very excited to let everyone know that I was chosen to receive a pair of these great boots to use and abuse for awhile while in the outdoors.  I will do just that and am more than happy to do a review on my blog.  Thanks, Chippewa!

Not to leave off here some of my fellow BlogBuddies who have also been in the spirit of giving during the holidays.  I will do a follow up post to address all the goodies and opportunities they have going on.  So don't forget to check back.