Friday, October 25, 2013

Effective Fly Patterns For Mr. Whiskers

Catfish, ala Mr. Whiskers, can be caught on a fly rod! They can be challenging, strong during battle, and, just plain fun to wrestle with if you are so inclined. Let alone good eating if you decide to fillet up some Catfish for a tasty meal. In my previous post, Fly Fishing For Cats, you were able to see a video, that with some effort and the right fly patterns, that Catfish could indeed be approachable with a fly rod on your local pond or stillwater fishery.  I ended that post by stating that I would share with you some effective fly patterns for fly fishing for Catfish.  I will be posting three well done videos here for you to consider when fly fishing for Catfish tempts you.  I might add that all three patterns are also extremely useful when fishing for Trout, Bass, and Carp! So they are Streamer patterns you should consider anyway for your fly boxes.  You can pick out one or two or all of them to watch if you would like.  Kind of like pick your poison!  Even if you don't buy into the fact that you will go fly fishing for Catfish, these patterns are well worth having around.  Let's begin with the video from In The Riffle that instructs how to tie John Barr's very successful Meat Whistle Streamer.
  Next up, let's take a look at Jay Zimmerman's very popular Backstabber pattern!
Finally, I would like to share my favorite personal Streamer pattern for the Catfish I have caught on a fly rod. This is a video done by Curtis Fry. Let me introduce you to the Stayner Ducktail!  

What a great way to start for Fly Fishing for Catfish. Let me just say that I know there are other Streamer patterns that will work. Muddler Minnows, Wooly Buggers, and their endless variety should also do just fine. Have fun and let me know if you decide to go Fly Fishing for Catfish, and, try some of these great patterns, just how you did!


  1. Mel I absolutely refused to target catfish until I have caught my first carp. But those are some killer patterns for someone who wants to give it a try.

    1. Not a bad plan at all, Howard. Fly Fishing for Catfish is not the "Hot" go to species that Fly Fishing for Carp is. However, you are right, these patterns are also very valuable Carp patterns and would be carried by me if I were on the stalk for Carp. Mr. Whiskers is calling you, Howard!

  2. Mel
    I am impressed with all three patterns, but I would have to say my favorite is the Stayner Ducktail. I have landed a number of catfish using an olive color pattern and this fly would fit the bill to attract a hit from a hunger catfish. For some reason at the small lake I fish early spring the catfish seem to go for an olive color. Thanks for sharing


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