Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bottom Feeders..............

Thought I would write this post and see how many Bottom Feeders read my blog?  Well, let me see........

I figured I would have to add "Something Fishy" to this post in order to catch anyone's attention.

What I was wondering, really, was how many of my BlogBuddy's actually visit other blogs and take the time to see what all is included on the main page of the Blog? Do you just click in and scan or read the most current post or do you visit the Blogs other pages or check out the other Gadgets on a fellow bloggers blog?  

As an example, I have moved some of my blog's gadgets to the bottom of my page.  There may be some worthwhile information there for you to check out.  For example, if you are so inclined, you will find my Followers who follow me over on Google's Social Network.  Or, you can click to... "Join This Site" which is the old Blogger Follow button.  I just put it back up on my blog, so come on folks, I know I should have more than just 2 Followers.........................

Also, there are visual buttons there for clicking to link to the Outdoor Blogger Network , and, to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  I have proudly been a supporter of both of these organizations for quite a while now and encourage you to check them out.  Yes, the Outdoor Blogger Network is still functioning to some extent.  Just thought I would add that bit of information at this time.....................

Down on the bottom of my page, you will also find, my blog archives.  Every post that I have written since the Pond Stalker blog was started.  In addition, is a List of Topics that I have written about that might help you out if you are looking for something in specific.  I know that this is just general information, but, it is worth your time if you need to check anything out.

I have, also, added a Form that you may use if would want to ask a question to me privately or wish to make any other suggestion about my blog.  This is all done through Email and I welcome all input..............

To wrap up, I will also be adding more to the bottom section of my blog as we go along, so I encourage you to not only be a reader here, but, check out the Bottom Feeder at the bottom of my page.

If you  have read this long, I thought I would let you know that I am taking my fly tying vise out of my tying bag and getting my desk set up for some Winter fly tying.  More to come..................


  1. Yes, you have a lot of stuff down there, but if you want to grab those that don't see it, or don't "bottom feed", change your posts to one at a time. Then a lot of the stuff on the bottom will show and grab them. As for following, you know I don't "Google", but do follow. And finding you, I know where you live. Your GBB.

    1. Good Morning, Mark!
      Thanks for the feed back as always. Note: Your suggestion on changing posts to one at a time has been implemented.
      Not sure why I didn't notice that beforehand..................
      I sure hope that one day we will be able to cast a line together somewhere. It would be an honor to fish with and spend some time with such a loyal follower.

  2. bottom feeders, very clever! I'll have to start checking that out. I usually just check out the newest post. if it is a new blog I am visiting, I skim through.

    1. Juan, thank for the feedback my friend...............
      When you are an ol' Geezer, like me, you have plenty of time to think of "clever" things to do..................
      Keeping up with what your blogging interests are is a major job. I completely understand all those who pop in and just read the current post and them move on.

      But, you might miss something not being a "Bottom Feeder"......................

  3. Thanks for the link Mel! I follow so many blogs, so many different ways that it is hard to keep up with everything and everyone. I usually end up reading the latest post, which leaves out a lot of good content I'm sure , but so does the mobile platform I'm usually reading from these days.tough call for me, because I wouldn't read nearly as Mich if I had to be in front of a PC to do it.

    1. The link was my pleasure, Josh.............

      Thanks for your feedback also. You make some very good points with your response. Trying to keep up is nearly impossible, and, the fact that we all miss information we might use is unquestionable. Mobile apps and Social Media is a match made in the technological field that is just more than I can handle. Good luck, my friend....................................

  4. I've always been a bottom feeder to a fault, Mel. Thanks for getting me back on your Blog List!!

    1. Hi, Dean....................
      You know you gotta' get it where and when you can.
      Thanks for the time to look around and see what the Bottom Feeder has going on.
      My pleasure to have your blog back on my blog list. I have been going through and adding a number of blogs that I had lost contact with.

  5. Honestly, while I follow a boatload of blogs, I don't actually log directly on to many of them these days. Instead, I follow my usuals by picking up their RSS feeds with Feedly. While I miss the peripheries of the individual blogs, the convenience is worth it. Now and again I drop in to comment, though, and get the whole picture. Like now. Happy holidays, Mel.


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