Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thumbs Up Thursday.................

Well, since it is Thursday, and I had a few items on my mind, thought I would put up another Thumbs Up Thursday post.

Thumbs Up Thursday's may not occur every Thursday, but, I will use this as a theme for when they do...................

Thumbs Up Thursday's will be used to give a shout out or a Thumbs Up to a few of my BlogBuddies for recent work on their blogs, plus, to make note of other stuff I run across while perusing the internet looking for fishy goodness!

So, to cut the blabbering and get to the point, let me begin by giving a Thumbs Up to my Blogbuddy Jeremy over at Troutings.  Jeremy lives in a part of Colorado that I have not had the opportunity to explore for fishing purposes.  Visiting and reading some of his blog posts certainly whets the appetite to make sure I have a chance someday.  Here is a link to a recent post that Jeremy has up on his blog about fishing the Grand Mesa. 

Now, if that doesn't get your fish ticker going then I don't know what would.  Thank you, Jeremy, for making this ol' guy have Grand Mesa fish in his dreams.

Another BlogBuddy that I have followed for a long time, (you will see why) writes about his time on Utah Waters.   Justin's blog, the Utah Water Log, is always crammed full of beautiful pictures of gorgeous Utah and many, many great fish that his waters offer.  Here is a link to a recent post titled "All Over The Place"

Enough already, Jeremy and Justin, you two guys have convinced me that you both have wonderful waters to fish and some awesome fish stories to tell.  Well worth a fishing blogger to follow both these blogs and keep up on what is shaking the fishing dreams tail this week.

I could not finish this post without saying thank you to all my blogging friends who have re-connected with my blogging efforts in the past week or so.  You can and do make a difference in this ol' geezers life..................................


  1. We always find interesting stuff when we wander through a friends blog.

    1. Yes, we sure do, Mark. All of us blog because we want to share our love of the sport of fishing (in this case). I find it a great experience to tag along with the others who blog about fishing. Thanks for your support!

  2. Mel, like you, I always spend time not only going through my own blogroll, but those of my friends blogs as well. Some interesting things are found almost daily. I concur with you on Utah Water Log and Troutings.

    1. Totally agree, Howard.................
      Sometimes when it slows down a little bit with my fellow bloggers, I take that time to look for other bloggers out there who, for one reason or another, I do not follow yet.
      I have come across some dandy's that way that I have eventually added to my blogroll.

  3. The pictures of "Graylings" that Jeremy posts have me wanting to visit his neck of the woods as well!

    1. The "Grayling" are very unique fish. The only Grayling I have caught were from a small lake on the Idaho border heading into Yellowstone National Park. Those were caught on a Parachute Adams dry fly..............................

      Jeremy or Justin would be great guys to tag along with and learn what they know about fishing their great waters. If you make it out here to Colorado perhaps we can give it a go..................


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